Eaton's Transportation Solution

Today, demand for transport is higher than ever. Eaton delivers a full suite of tailor-made solutions for various forms of transport.

We all rely on transport and we expect it to be safe, reliable and as environmentally friendly as possible.

Today, demand for transport is higher than ever, as incomes rise and people take more flights and buy more cars.

And, with pollution and climate change reaching a critical point, manufacturers are striving to meet ever stricter sustainability standards.

Amid intense competition, vehicle makers are under pressure to reduce weight, increase efficiency, improve performance, and maintain safety.

Eaton delivers a full suite of tailor-made solutions for various forms of transport, from aviation to buses and subway systems that make them more sustainable and reliable, while benefitting those who use them.

In the air
Eaton’s aviation solutions use less material, making planes lighter, so they use less fuel, which is better for the environment. 

And because Eaton’s aviation solutions are lighter, there’s more space for baggage and seating inside the cabin, lowering costs for airlines and consumers. Eaton’s hydraulic systems helped reduce weight of the Airbus A380 by one metric ton!

Eaton helps airlines avoid expensive delays because its tailor made, superior quality solutions are the most reliable on the market and require less maintenance.

On land
Eaton’s hybrid power systems make buses more sustainable, as well as cutting costs and improving the passenger experience. The hybrid system reduces fuel consumption by 60% and CO2 emissions by 70%, as well as substantially reducing the need for maintenance.

Eaton has also made buses safer and more efficient with its automatic transmission system. It means drivers can focus on the road instead of struggling with manual gear changes, improving passenger safety, and buses need far fewer maintenance days, cutting costs for bus companies.

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At sea
A ship’s operations - navigation equipment, ship automation, emergency power, lighting, as well as commercial applications – need reliable, clean and safe power.

As a leading provider of quality backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Eaton has supplied some of the world’s biggest cruise liners with online marine UPS solutions. These include the first ever marine application of Eaton’s Energy Saver System (ESS) technology, which enables the UPS devices to reach an industry-leading efficiency level of 99 percent.

And, thanks in part to Eaton’s expertise in providing efficient hydraulic power at sea, some of the world’s largest container vessels are gulping down less fuel and reducing their carbon footprint. Eaton’s hydraulics solutions help power engines that are 84 feet long and 50 feet high, weigh in at a whopping 2,300 tons, and deliver close to 100,000 horsepower!


Eaton also helps make subway systems run smoothly and sustainably, keeping commuters safe and on time. Eaton’s ET1 power systems deliver high operational safety and reliability, plus flexible, maintenance-free operation. What’s more, all of the equipment—from components and assemblies to control and monitoring systems—work together seamlessly. This integrated solution is so good, the Beijing government selected it for the city’s longest, fastest, and highest capacity subway line.