Eaton's UPS Solution and Internet Lives

We all rely on the internet in our modern lives. Eaton's UPS solutions play a key role in keeping businesses running and people connected.

Yan felt lost after graduation. As a child she dreamed of being her own boss and traveling the world. It was only after years of soul-crushing jobs that she seized the moment and set up her first business - on Taobao.

What began as a hobby selling some unworn sports clothes grew into a thriving enterprise in just a couple of years. Working online from home also allowed her to study for a part-time degree in business management to help her reach her next goal.

For Yan, the internet has opened a world of opportunities, and as long as she’s connected, the sky’s the limit.

At just 22 years old, David Zhou considers himself lucky. Not everyone gets paid to indulge their passion. But as a professional gamer, David is exceptional.

Alongside his disciplined team of fellow cyber-athletes, he competes against the world’s best for lucrative prizes and the glory of victory.

For David, every game offers unique challenges and a non-stop adrenaline rush. And with a little more experience under his belt, a World Championship will be within his grasp.

When Sarah Zheng gave birth to her baby daughter she felt her family was complete. She loved everything about being a new mother, and even the sleepless nights couldn’t dampen the joy of caring for her little one.

Naturally, being a full-time mum meant she had less social interactions, not to say shopping and running errands. That’s when she took a big step into the digital world and began shopping and paying bills online.

Without leaving her home, Sarah can take care of all her household errands with just a few clicks, allowing her to spend more time with her baby.

Whether we use it for work, pleasure, or daily tasks, we all rely on the internet in our modern lives. For some, like Yan and David, an internet connection supports their livelihood.

And for new mothers like Sarah, it can be a lifeline. We often take it for granted that we can access the internet whenever we need it, but who is making this happen?


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It starts with reliable power. In the always-on digital age, we need our businesses and devices to continue working, even when power fails. When blackouts strike, we need to be sure our personal data is protected and that vital services keep running.

It’s often the little things that make the biggest impact. They may be out of sight, but Eaton’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) solutions are specially designed to deliver backup power services that protect critical IT devices; from desktop PCs and business networks, to the large data centers that support our social media accounts and favorite online stores.

And that’s not all. Eaton’s Energy Saving Solutions for UPS also ramp up energy efficiency to 99%, helping businesses be more sustainable while slashing costs.

Whether it’s helping China’s tech giants handle the world’s biggest online shopping spree and making their data centers more efficient, or keeping small businesses in play, Eaton’s UPS solutions are working round the clock to help people and companies stay connected.