Eaton in the News

Shanghai Daily 2017.09.26 
Charity fund established to support social causes in China

Machinery & Electronics Business 2016.11.21 
Eaton: Lead Industry Development with Innovative Technologies

China Daily 2016.11.10
Dream Centers Broaden Horizons

China Electric Power News 2016.11.10
Eco-friendly, Highly-reliable Power Distribution Product is the Future Direction

Youth Daily 2016.11.07
Dreams Start Here

China Commercial Aircraft News 2016.10.19
Eaton SAMC's New Plant Builds "Blood Vessel" for China's C919 Large Aircraft 2016.10.18
Homegrown Aircraft Project Strengthens International Cooperation  2016.10.18
Countdown for Maiden Flight of Homegrown C919 Aircraft 2016.10.18
Joint Venture for C919 Aircraft opened new plant in Shanghai 2016.10.18
Joint Venture of Eaton and SAMC opened new plant in Shanghai

China Industry News 2016.08.18
Eaton Supports China to Promote Construction of Green Smart Cities

Shanghai Daily 2016.7.25
Eaton Powers Sustainability in Urbanization

China Electric Power News 2016.07.21
Eaton Starts to Introduce Microgrid Technology to China

Electrotechnical Application 2016.6.30
Addressing Energy Challenges with Green Innovations

Jiefang Daily 2016.6.21
Eaton attends 2016 Shanghai Corporate Social Responsibility Report Conference

Machinery & Electronics Business 2016.5.16
Eaton Held Innovation Tour in Xi`an

China Industry News 2016.5.13
Eaton is Optimistic about Fuse Market

Automobil Industrie 2016.5
Innovation Drives Green Manufacturing 2016.4.1
Innovative Solutions for New Energy Vehicle Contribute to Green Environment

China Daily (online) 2016.3.25
Eaton to Invest in Clean Energy in China's Public Transport Systems

Electric Age 2016.2
Eaton Expects to Rise Abruptly Based on Its Accumulated Strength

Talents Magazine 2016.1.1
Eaton to Embrace Changes and Remain Stable

China Electric Power News 2015.12.10
Kim Lee Law: Eaton to provide intelligent products and localized service for China

21st Century Business Herald 2015.11.4
Joe-Tao Zhou: Project management capability is the core competitiveness of civil aviation manufacturers

Shanghai Daily 2015.11.1
Eaton revs up creativity to multiply positive impact on sustainability

Automobile & Parts 2015.8.24
To Meet Market Demand with Innovative Technologies and Localization Strategy

China WTO Tribune 2015.8.1
Sustainable Development Plays Big Role in New Economic Normality

China Daily 2015.6.18
Urbanization Puts Added Pressure on Energy

China Automotive News 2015.6.1
Eaton China to Double Its Sales in Five Years

Modern Logistics News 2015.5.15
Eaton's "Chinese Kung Fu"

Commercial Vehicle 2015.5.4
Eaton Showcases Innovative Drivetrain Solutions

World of Driver 2015.5.1
Eaton Makes Efforts to Improve Fuel Economy

Truck Weekly 2015.5.1
Eaton Showcases Green High-efficient Drivetrain Solutions

Auto Suppliers 2015.4.1
Eaton to Take the Lead in Environmental Protection and Supporting Lightweight of Automobile

Global Entrepreneur 2015.2
Business Elites under 40 years old

China Industry News 2015.2.17
Eaton is committed to sustainable development and contributing to “China Dream”

International Aviation 2014.11.13
Eaton Announces Continued Progress on China Aircraft Programs

Energy Outlook 2014.9
Eaton’s Principles of Energy Efficiency Improvement

WTO Tribune 2014.9.1
Today’s Decisions Change Future

China Economic Weekly 2014.8.25
Eaton: Metrics That Drive Innovation

Investing Pudong 2014.8.1
Eaton: Innovative Power Management

Fortune China 2014.5
Doing Business Right—the Unique Way of Power Management for Eaton

Philanthropy Times 2014.5.13
Let Enterprises Become Best Neighbor of Communities

Oriental Morning Post 2014.4.29
Talk about Diversified Operation and Business Layout

Shanghai Automotive News 2014.4.14
China is an Excellent Platform for Promoting New Technologies

China Machinery & Electric Industry 2014.4.5
Why has Eaton acquired Cooper for $13 billion?

Broadcast Report on CBN/ ICS/ Pudong Television 2014.4
Eaton opens its Vehicle Group Asia Pacific Tech Center in Shanghai

China Daily 2014.3.4
High Expectations Abound for “Two Sessions”, Economic watch: CEO’s Outlook

Foreign Investment in Shanghai 2014.1.1
Curt Hutchins, an Insightful Strategic

China Industrial Reporter 2013.11
Interviews Burkhard Balz, Eaton's Industry Segment Director for Manufacturing OEMs
Automobile & Parts 2013.11
Eaton Celebrates Expansion at its Jining Facility

China Business Journal 2013.7.29
Acquisition, an important strategy to Eaton----Interviews with Mr.Richard H.Fearon, CFO of Eaton

China WTO Tribune 2013.7
Joe-Tao Zhou, Proud for Eaton's 20 Years in China

Enterprise Soft Power 2013.7

Eaton: Building an Enduring Brand through Diversification  
Automobile & Equipment 2013.6
Gather Strength, Face Power Management Challenges Without Worry
China Industry News 2013.5.10
Eaton: accelerates localization with unique advantages

Automobile Industry 2013.5
Eaton Vehicle Group China is in position to provide high efficient energy saving solutions
Shanghai Auto News 2013.4.19
Interviews Erbing Shang, Asia Pacific President of Eaton's Vehicle Group

China Industry News 2013.4.16
Eaton unveils comprehensive solutions to Chinese mining market

Mining Equipment 2013.4
The Power of Diversification from Eaton----Interviews Simon Meester, Mining Industry Segment Director
CNBC Asia 2013.8.8
Eaton CEO: Industrial production to underperform
News Champions 2013.1.13
Eaton, Soul of Diversification
China Construction Machinery 2012.12.1

Make the advantage of differentiation strategy
21st Century Business Herald 2012.11.20
Exclusive Interview with Curt Hutchins, President of Eaton Asia Pacific: Promoting “Green” Infrastructure Needs Decisions from Business Leaders
China Aviation News 2012.11.13
Eaton: product innovation in step with service innovation
Changed market depends on long-term clients- exclusive interview with Eric D.Alden, Director, Customer Support, Aerospace Group, Eaton

Economic Daily 2012.9.14
Confidence in the Chinese market has never changed----Interviews Erbing Shang, Asia Pacific President of Eaton's Vehicle Group
China Daily 2012.9.6
Eaton Maintains Steady Path
Construction Machinery Today 2012.9.5
A Eaton’s style patience
Machinery & Electronics Business 2012.7
"Eaton’s Hydraulics: Striving for Continuous Growth in China Market ——An Interview with William R. VanArsdale, President of Hydraulics Group, Eaton Corporation "
Electric Age 2012.4
Acceleration through acquisition, Interview with Eric Franks, Asia Pacific vice president of distribution business, Eaton Electrical Group
Fortune China 2012.4
"Diversification with a purpose Craig on FORTUNE China"
Parts & Components 2012.2
Eaton accelerates efforts in China’s hydraulics market
Jonsson: how can centennial Eaton keep its charms?
China Aviation News 2012.2.21
Eaton will promote strategy for sustainable development in China
Jiefang Daily 2012.2.1
View transformations from two lists of headquarters
China Industry News 2011.12.13
Constant innovation to achieve steady growth
Machinery & Electronics Business 2011.12.5
Eaton's innovation changes the world
CAAC News 2011.11.14
"Today's aviation industry is similar as the automobile industry 20 years ago"----Interview with Joe-Tao Zhou, president of Aerospace Group, Asia Pacific, Eaton
Automobile & Parts 2011.11.1
Eaton expands procurement from China
Economic Daily 2011.10.22
Innovation of the century-year old company
Aviation World Monthly 2011.10.5
Joe-Tao Zhou opened a new prospect for Eaton Aerospace
Machinery & Electronics Business 2011.8.15
Eaton sets $2b sales goal in China by 2015
China Daily 2011.6.29
Partnership formed for C919 plane
Machinery & Electronics Business 2011.6.20
Eaton is committed to provide green power solutions
China Industry News 2011.6.14
Eaton leads dialogue on green transportation and sustainable urbanization at energy evolution symposium
China Automotive News 2011.6.13
Experts suggest another perspective of automobile development
China Daily 2011.5.12
Eaton Predicts business boost through OEM
China Automotive News 2011.5.2
Having trucks running in his vein
Human Capital Management 2011.5.1

Commercial Motor World 2011.5.1
Accelerating localized production to improve competitive advantages
China WTO Tribune 2011.4
Sustainable Development is the Ability to Bring about Positive Change
Construction Machinery Today 2011.3.10
"Taking Root in China -- Interview with Shyam Kambeyanda, President, Hydraulics Group, Asia Pacific, Eaton Corporation " 2011.3
Revathi Advaithi, President of Eaton Asia Pacific, Electrical Sector: product diversification facilitates business growth, while people and technology constitute the two pillars
Parts & Components, China Construction Machinery 2011.2.1
Eaton’s Merge into China
Commercial Vehicle News 2011.1.24
Eaton responses service users rapidly
Commercial Vehicle News 2010.12.20
Eaton transmissions travel around the world 2010.12.19
Eaton bullish on China market with refreshed vitality from the jumbo jet project
Business Watch Magazine 2010.12.5
China is an important market to Eaton global strategy
Business Watch Magazine 2010.12.5
Eaton moves with China
PR Magazine 2010.5
PR expert from the West Point
Automobile & Equipment 2010.12
Customer-oriented Eaton enters in China market
Life Style 2010.10.30
Large aircraft, big opportunity
Global Entrepreneur 2010.10.22
Eaton launches innovation center in China to promote local technological innovation
Aviation Now 2010.9.16
Eric, customer account director, Eaton Aerospace: Services and products are equally important
Business Watch Magazine 2010.9.5
Eaton keeps advance and retreat together with China's aviation industry --- interview with Craig Arnold, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of the industrial sector of Eaton Corporation
Electric Power System Equipment 2010.9.1
We aim to be the a in china power distribution market
Forbes 2010.9.1
Highly motivated
21st Century Business Herald 2010.8.11
Eaton enters large aircraft market through cooperation with COMAC
China Information World 2010.8.8

The secret of coming from behind
Money Journal 2010.6.30
"Learning about investment from a CFO An exclusive interview with Richard H. Fearon, Vice Chairman of Eaton Corporation "
Cho Magazine 2010.5.5
Being chairman's right hand
CFO World 2010.5.1
Mr. Power
Business Management Review 2010.5.1
How Does A Company Become A Long-distance Runner: Interview with James W. McGill, President of Asia Pacific, Eaton Corporation
Auto Suppliers 2010.4.18
The China Layout of Eaton's Vehicle Group – An Interview with Frank Wang, General Manager - China for Eaton's Vehicle Group
Automobile & Equipment 2010.4.12
Eaton China Facilitates Development by Expanding Capacity and Building New Facility
New Business Weekly 2010.4.5
Interview with Eaton Asia Pacific President Curt Hutchins: Saving Energy is More Realistic than Reducing Emissions
Electric Age 2010.4.1
Strengthening the Green Competitiveness of Eaton's Electrical Sector
China Industry News 2010.2.2
Eaton China Sales to Reach US$1 Billion This Year
Manager 2010.1.1
Eaton: diversity overcome the crisis
Business Watch Magazine 2009.12.5
Eaton: Long commitment to China market

Asian Business Leaders 2009.12.1
Power in downturn
Business Watch Magazine 2009.11.20
Diversity should be a principle, rather than cautious
China Automotive News 2009.11.16
Eaton's homeopathic force in China
China International Business 2009.9.17
Jim McGill
Cio Insight 2009.8.23
Diversified Business Relies on a "Standard IT System"
Business Watch Magazine 2009.8.5
Eaton, A Green "Background Hero"
Automobile & Parts 2009.6.1
Eaton focuses in emerging markets
China Automotive News 2009.5.18
Advice from Foreign Executive: "Better to Improve the Capability than Blind Bottom-fishing" -- Interview with James W. McGill, President of Asia Pacific, Eaton Corporation
Commercial Vehicle News 2009.4.27
Eaton Expands Chinese Market with Mixed Strategies
CFO World 2009.4.1
The Wisdom in Finance to Resist Crisis
Contemporary Manager 2009.3.31
Eaton: "Power" Comes from "Transformation"
CBN Weekly 2009.3.23
Tackle the Economic Cycle with a Diversified Strategy
Automobile Industry 2009.2.1
Eaton: source of "green power"
China Enterprise News 2008.12.18
Joe-Tao Zhou: Eaton will not cut any commitments on the sustainable path
New Business Weekly 2008.12.5
Eaton: A Fast Horse
21st Century Business Herald 2008.11.14
Eaton comes into a haven
China Business Post 2008.7.11
Eaton: the Chinese practice of efficiency housekeeper
New Business Weekly 2008.7.5
How can anenterprises become a long-distance athlete
Oriental Enterprise Culture 2008.6.30
Eaton: A Green Corporation
China WTO Tribune 2008.3.1
Way of Eaton: Interview with Mr. James W. McGill, President - Eaton Asia Pacific
CBN Weekly 2007.12.21
Green Eaton: Development Is a Balance Between Growth and Environment
Global Entrepreneur 2007.11
Winning in a mix and match way
CBN Weekly 2007.11.23
Eighty percent of the acquisition value creates new tricks
Shanghai Business Review 2007.11
Geared for Growth
Faren Magazine 2007.9
Choose the real success
Foreign Investment in China 2007.2

Eaton's high-profile lineup in China----Eaton plans to exceed the sales amount to $1 million in Chinese market