Eaton’s hybrid power system was granted Automobile and Parts Industry Developing and Innovation Award

Date: 2013/11/14

Shanghai... The world’s leading power management provider Eaton recently attended 2013 China Automobile Industry Developing and Innovation Forum held in Jiading campus of Tongji University. The hybrid power system of Eaton’s Automobile Group was chosen out of its technology peers and granted High Energy Efficiency Award in the competition for 2013 Automobile and Parts Industry Developing and Innovation Awards.

2013 China Automobile Industry Developing and Innovation Forum was organized by the reputed industrial magazine Automobile & Parts, and was fully supported by Shanghai Overseas Exchange Association and Automobile Institution of Tongji University. The award appraiser team was composed of industrial experts, professors from famous universities and experienced editors who aimed at finding and encouraging outstanding innovation technology product, commendable corporate performance and best R&D quality in China’s automobile industry.

“This award was given as the credit for the reliable, efficient and energy-saving performance of our hybrid power system, as well as for the value we keep contributing to vehicle customers. We are grateful for the award and will keep up the good work to make more contributions to the sustainable innovation and development of China’s automobile industry.” said Mr. Shang Erbing, Asia-pacific General President for Eaton’s Automobile Group.

As one of the most influential green technologies, Eaton’s hybrid power system can reduce 35% of oil consumption and a similar ratio of exhaust gas, as well as effectively extend the service life of braking system in vehicles. Featuring parallel oil-electricity/gas-electricity hybrid power structure, this system has a motor/power generator between automatic clutch and transmission which can recover the energy of braking and store it in storage battery. In addition, the combination of motor torque and engine torque can also improve fuel economy and vehicle’s power performance, make engine’s start and stop at idle speed possible, reduce up to 87% of engine’s idle time at work place, thus substantially reducing operation cost.

By the end of May 2012, vehicles with Eaton’s hybrid power system had run 480million km globally, saving 30million L oil and over 80,000 ton CO2 exhaust. Currently, over 6000 sets of Eaton’s hybrid power systems are used in urban transportation, logistics, refrigeration, garbage collection, municipality and other commercial vehicles worldwide.