Eaton Attends IDA World Congress in Tianjin
Comprehensive Filtration Service to Powering China Desalination Development

Date: 2013/10/21

Tianjin… Power management company Eaton participated in IDA World Congress 2013, a premier event focused on seawater desalination and utilization held in Tianjin on 21-24 October 2013. Besides demonstrating its comprehensive product profile, supporting technologies and advanced solutions for seawater desalination and water treatment, Eaton was also engaged in the extensive technical exchange and in-depth discussion with other industrial peers and experts in terms of the current status of water reuse and purification, as well as the development of water recycling application.

“We are pleased to demonstrate the extensive application and excellent performance of Eaton’s advanced filtration solutions to the industrial customers and experts of this congress. Insufficient water resource has become a paramount environment challenge for the whole world. As an international company dedicated to support the sustainable development of the society, Eaton hopes to provide Chinese users with advanced yet customized solutions with its constantly revolutionized eco-friendly concept and technology, to help them meet increasingly stringent requirements for filtration and resource recycling efficiency which is impelled by the environmental issues in core industries. Eaton is also exploring how to improve the desalination technology of potential water resource and sea water, how to expand the approaches of energy saving, environment protection and efficiency improvement, in order to give a substantial support for the sustainable development of beautiful China.” said Mr. Jeff Liu , General Manager for Eaton Filtration Asia Pacific.

Eaton’s current filtration profile covers Automatic Self Cleaning filtration, Manual & Automatic Pipeline Strainers, Bag and Cartridge Filtration system and Gas Liquid Separation. In addition, in order to cater to different requirements for filtration from multiple levels, Eaton also provides manual or automatic selection of material used in equipment manufacture. On IDA World Congress 2013, Eaton particularly showed various applications of its products in the process of seawater desalination, among which 2596-series full-automatic cleaning filter, designed to constantly clean solid impurities mingled with pipe systems, caught a wide attention for its outstanding technical performance. This series features an automatic control system monitoring the operation of filter and performing the whole set of repeated washes. During such process, a small section of the filter screen was isolated to be washed with filtrate of contraflow, while filtration proceeds on other parts to keep ongoing flow. This highly-efficient design allows peeling and discharging impurities accumulated in filter core with only a little amount of filtrate.

Another highlight Eaton brings to this event is AFC-series tubular back wash filter, which is designed to remove impurities with 1-1700μm diameter. The peak flow of a single system can reach 681m3/h and there are many textures available for different filtration environments. The smooth transition design of pipe and nozzle joint on AFC-series filter can diminish dead space in flow and minimize pressure loss. In addition, the design of quick coupling used on single tube allows for easy assembly and removal of filtering medium for more convenient check, cleaning and replacement. There is also single-tube, double-tube and multi-tube available allowing for flexible expansion.

As for duplex filter, the new 53BTX basket-type pipeline filter also caught the attention of a great number of industrial experts. Iron, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel are available materials for the manufacture and screw-thread-type and flange-type can be provided for different filtration environments. The patented bypass filter can make sure to rule out any leakage from filter chamber of filter basket. In addition, this new product has a handle that’s easy to operate with and no gear box, employs unique design for gasket and sealing without any need for adjustment, and introduces patented sphere sealing system and strengthened polymer gasket to extend service life.