Eaton Issues Whitepaper on Energy Innovation and Sustainable Urbanization

Date: 2013/10/10

BEIJING… Power management company Eaton today issued a groundbreaking Whitepaper on Energy Innovation and China’s Sustainable Urbanization in Beijing. Following careful consideration and analysis, ideas from energy innovation advocates and policy-makers on the theme of “The megatrend of energy innovation in China,” were combined, resulting in an innovative whitepaper centering on challenges and opportunities as China develops a new model of urban development. Furthermore, it discusses modern issues concerning energy innovation and China’s sustainable urbanization.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Eaton entering China. Commemorating its long-term commitment to the Chinese market, Eaton introduced its pioneering whitepaper in the hope of encouraging more innovative ideas and capital investment supporting the goal of sustainable urban development in China.

“In light of the pressing needs in global energy and environmental protection, Eaton has incorporated sustainable development as a core part of its development strategy in China,” said  Curt Hutchins, President of Eaton Asia Pacific at today’s “Collaboration on Energy and Urbanization in China” symposium in Beijing. He further emphasized: “We will continue exploring emerging markets, tap into new opportunities and strengthen our leading position in energy efficiency and power management, contributing our share to China’s sustainable development.”

“The new model of urbanization is and will continue to be the driving force for China’s development over the course of the next two decades. Yet it raises an important fundamental question: how to tackle energy shortages while maintaining rapid urbanization.” Curt Hutchins continued, “Since energy is indispensable for urban development, China needs to ensure that there is a sufficient energy supply and balanced economic growth for sustainable socio-economic progress in the future. As a world leading power management company, Eaton closely follows social trends and vigorously promotes all aspects of cooperation between enterprises and other players in society to stimulate energy innovation, improve energy efficiency and seek new solutions to enable China’s sustainable urbanization.”

The symposium of “Collaboration on Energy and Urbanization in China” was jointly hosted by Eaton and the Business for Social Responsibility (BSR). Experts from related industries were invited to engage in in-depth discussions on energy and environmental issues concerning China’s urbanization and share successful experiences in cooperation between governments, enterprises and civil entities.

The Whitepaper on Energy Innovation and China Sustainable Urbanization analyzes social development from a macro-perspective and focuses on the tremendous challenge brought by our reliance on energy to achieve development. It continues to elaborate on the roles and obligations of various stakeholders in meeting the challenge, including governments, enterprises, third parties, the public and the media. Echoing China’s needs for sustainable urbanization, the paper also touches upon the imperative for, and feasible ways of, innovating for better energy efficiency. By sharing Eaton’s successful cases in supporting sustainable urban development, the paper showcases recent developments and unlimited potential in energy innovation, including green architecture, smart transportation, green data centers, energy-saving households, efficient industries, eco-friendly plants, green lighting and renewable energies.

Since entering China, setting up its first manufacturing plants in Jining, Shandong Province in 1993, Eaton has adhered to the philosophy of innovation, initiative and business integrity, delivering on its promise of supporting China’s social development. All its major business segments have achieved steady growth in China. Today, Eaton China operates 28 manufacturing plants and five R&D centers, employs more than 18,000 staff and cooperates with countless science and research institutes as well as universities.

“China has always been a crucial market in Eaton’s global strategy. Thanks to two decades of steady progress, Eaton has established an extensive presence here through its four major business segments– Electrical, Hydraulics, Vehicles and Aerospace,” said Joe-Tao Zhou, President of Eaton China. “Furthermore, Eaton is committed to the idea of local production for local benefit. From providing aircraft conveyance systems for the COMAC C919 Large Aircraft Project to successfully implemented value-added energy-efficient power distribution solutions for the fastest subway line in Beijing, Eaton is honoring its commitment to supporting China’s sustainable development through indigenous innovation and optimized energy and power management.”