Eaton held Manufacturing OEM Tech Day in Guangzhou, fueling innovative growth of China’s mechanical manufacturing industry

Date: 2013/9/25

Eaton Held Manufacturing OEM Tech Day in Guangzhou on September 17th to showcase its leading technologies and innovative solutions for mechanical equipment manufacturing, and electrical and hydraulic power sector. More than a hundred customer representatives and industrial experts attended the event, exchanged ideas on the latest development in automation technologies and mechanical manufacturing and brainstormed solutions to challenges in the global economy, energy and environment.
“As the world’s leading power management company, Eaton always focuses on customers’ need,” said Burkhard Balz, Industry Segment Director Manufacturing OEM´s of Eaton. “Responding to the increasing demands for power management and high performance mechanical equipment, we strive to develop products and solutions that meet market needs, such as those helping customized equipment manufacturers to manage production in a safer, simpler, more reliable and energy-efficient manner. As Eaton continues to penetrate in China market, we will better understand the diversified needs of local customers and thus offer them more targeted and innovative solutions in this niche market.”

Due to industrial upgrading and the complex economic picture, industrial products have shorter life cycles while the energy costs are on the rise. Given the strong market competition, proficient manufacturing OEM requires shorter R&D and production time, more reliable operation and higher energy efficiency. With three key approaches of lean connectivity, lean automation and lean power, combined with the advantages offered by the compact hydraulic system, Eaton is able to improve product design efficiency without sacrificing product performance, thus accelerating new product launch and reducing equipment size and operational costs. Furthermore, by integrating the expertise in hydraulic and electric power, Eaton has streamlined the production line of advanced equipment which powers high-pressure test bench. This move reduces production costs, boosts productivity and ensures the stability and safety of the hydraulic fluid system, and the motor, power, control and brake system.

As one of Eaton’s signature products, SmartWire-DT™ was well received by customers for its lasting competitive edge that reflects Eaton’s philosophy of effective integration and lean management. SmartWire-DT™ consolidates complex circuit wiring into a single, durable cable, saving time and the labour for mechanical wiring, testing and commissioning by up to 85%. As the first networked control system connected to electrical components, it can enable remote intelligent control of sensors and save as much as 70% engineering costs. Meanwhile, it is also a powerful communication system capable of transparent data transmission between controllers and sensor/actuator, giving customers a clear picture about the maintenance, diagnosis and energy efficiency of the product.

During the event, Eaton also showcased leading products and solutions that cover the entire value chain of equipment manufacturing. In particular, Eaton’s Hydraulic Group has displayed star products and sophisticated technologies including AxisPro™, a new generation of proportional valves, Eaton’s servo-driven hydraulic system, Hydrokraft® pump, large flow flat cartridge valve, and LifeSense™ intelleigent hose. As the new generation of proportional valves with high performance, AxisPro™ can support larger flow, pressure and higher level of defense. The built-in sensor and axis motion controller can recognize loop status automatically and support distributed axis control architectures, enabling quicker response, real-time diagnosis and smooth functioning of the equipment. Since the modular design delivers four levels of control capability and integrates hardware with software, AxisPro™ can be used to make intelligent programming to meet customized needs of different terminal applications through Eaton’s Pro-FX® software.

Eaton’s servo-driven hydraulic system is a leading solution in power management. With 425 pairs of plunger pump, the servo motor and the driver, it can adjust to the maximum and minimum displacement and easily switch between the power limits, lowering the torque requirement on the servo motor and the driver and maintaining stable pressure. Furthermore, it reduces energy consumption and guarantees the reliable and efficient operation of the equipment. Eaton’s patented technology of eliminating pressure pulsation and Auto-Commissioning makes precise control possible and reduces adjustment time, labour cost and human errors.

The products shown by Eaton’s Electric Group include human-machine interface, logic control (unitary programmable logic controller, visualization system and Linear automation framework with fewer modules), security products (emergency stop button with electric circuit protection and safety warning, functional security solutions and leakproof hydraulic system), industrial uninterrupted power system, and motor management systems (variable speed starter, soft starter, and variable frequency driver). The highly integrated “Eaton System” can improve the management efficiency of the entire industrial value chain with more streamlined and cost efficient manufacturing process to help customers succeed in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

In addition to a wide portfolio of innovative products, services and technologies highlighted for equipment manufacturers, Eaton hosted a series of seminars to share with local customers Eaton’s success stories and latest development. Through in-depth discussions, Eaton has deepened ties with existing and potential customers, creating opportunities for future cooperation. At the seminars, Eaton’s Hydraulics Group elaborated on the two-system solution and demonstrated the company’s capabilities to offer a complete set of services ranging from principle design, components selection, valve plates design and processing, to product installation and trial runs.