Eaton-SAMC Participated in the Second China Helicopter Exposition in Tianjin

Date: 2013/9/05

During the recent-held Second China Helicopter Exposition in Tianjin, Eaton-SAMC showcased its innovative technology and products in the field of aviation application as well as emphasized on its advanced solutions for China C919 project, well presenting its phased achievement and long-term commitment to China aviation industry.

“China is an important market for Eaton Aerospace Group’s global business growth and strategic development”, said Joe-Tao Zhou, president of Eaton China, “Eaton-SAMC is a meaningful overture for Eaton Aerospace Group to cooperate with local partner to pursuit technology innovation and business development. We have a lot faith on that Eaton-SAMC will input global-leading innovative ideas and technologies into the up-rising of China’s aviation industry”

Established in March, 2011, Eaton-SAMC joint venture was the first among those joint ventures being formed to support China’s large aircraft program, focusing on the design, development, manufacturing and support of fuel and hydraulic conveyance systems. It has delivered first batch of conveyance tubes to the COMAC by the end of July, 2013. With the joint venture operating smoothly, this project will bring promisingly USD 1.8 billion including after-sales market.