Eaton-SAMC to Support Conveyance System for R&D Institute of China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd.

Date: 2013/9/05

Eaton recently announced an agreement that Eaton-SAMC, a joint venture established with Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SAMC) to provide conveyance system optimization design and airworthiness support for R&D Institute of China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd, Primus 150(TP150) project. Eaton’s high performance aviation product portfolio, advanced technology and design service well recognized by significantly upgrading operation performance and conveyance stability of China’s first self-developed light business aircraft.

“This agreement speaks well of Eaton’s continuous growth and market service capability, as well as great confidence from AVIC for Eaton Aerospace Group’s products and technology.” Said Joe-Tao Zhou, president of Eaton China. “As a contract from unrelated company, this deal also delivers a strong message of Eaton-SAMC’s major achievement in launching local market. We expect it to be a representative case of successful cooperation.”

Eaton Aerospace Group has long tradition of friendship with AVIC in the terms of project cooperation, technical research, OEM and product sales. According to this agreement, Eaton-SAMC is responsible for conveyance system optimization and airworthiness support for TP 150, as well as the design of hydraulic, fuel and lube system with 825 components including 130 tubes and 26 conduits etc. 3D MBD of this project will be completed in the end of August, 2013, and other related technology materials delivered in the second batch by Nov. 30, final review will be conducted in December. Primus150 is a 5-seat light single-engine pressurized turboprop business aircraft with carbon fiber composite airframe self-developed by AVIC, which is planned to launch in the US. European and Asia’s growing light business aircraft.