Eaton Aerospace Group Held AVIC Electromechanical Ducting System, Electrical Sensor and Control Products Exhibition & Technical Seminar in Shanghai

Date: 2013/8/22

Eaton Aerospace group recently held a seminar on 2013 AVIC Electromechanical Ducting System, Electrical Sensor and Control Products Exhibition & Technical Seminar at Eaton Asia-Pacific Training Center in Shanghai, invited Li Kaisheng, Deputy General Manager of AVIC Electromechanical Systems Co., Ltd., as well as over 50 other guests from AVIC and its subordinate-units, attended the seminar. Combining products introduction and technology discussion, Eaton Aerospace well showcased its advanced solutions in the field of aerospace applications to participating business partners.

“As its aviation industry thrives, China has become an important market for Eaton Aerospace Group’s global business growth and strategic development,” said Joe-Tao Zhou, president of Eaton China, “We’re glad to have this opportunity to show our domestic business partners Eaton’s advanced solutions in aviation. By the means of further communication and discussion, we expect to deepen mutual understanding through this technical seminar so as to achieve better cooperation.”

“Eaton well showcased its innovative technology and extraordinary manufacture capability of its standardized products to the guests,” said Huang Wenhui, Minister of Market and International Cooperation, AVIC Electromechanical System Co., Ltd., “Meanwhile this seminar furthered Eaton’s communication with us AVIC and subordinate companies, providing an opportunity for a better understanding of Eaton’s integrated products and solutions, which will do great benefit to our future cooperation.”

According to the international aviation market trends, Eaton Aerospace strive constantly to enrich the product line and solutions to meet a variety of aircraft types and application requirements, providing customer with premier components, sub-system, as well as whole piping system with strong engineering, analysis, and system integration capabilities. On this road show, Eaton Aerospace showcased products covers all 6 categories, which being Hydraulic System, Fuel and Inerting System, Motion Control, Cockpit Interface, Electrical Power Management and Engine Solution. Presenting products included hoses for Hydraulic and Fuel System, swivels and quick disconnect couplings, air ducting systems, seals and sealing components for engine shaft, accessory gearbox and  accessories, as well as Eaton’s extraordinary main distribution system circuit breaker, relays, contacts and various control switches and handles.

Eaton Aerospace Group received a considerable development by building broad cooperation with domestic airlines to better meet the customer’s need of local market. Represents from AVIC and subordinate units attended the seminar that day and visit the customer experience center in Eaton Asia-Pacific Headquarter afterwards. Eaton Aerospace Group has long tradition of friendship with AVIC in the terms of project cooperation, technical seminar OEM and product sales. It is worth mention that a Memorandum of Understanding was signed during the 9th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, followed series of in-depth exchanges and strengthened cooperation in aviation mechanical, electrical systems and many other fields ever since.

In addition, Eaton also briefed latest news and product technology development of Eaton-SAMC joint venture. As the first formed joint venture as well as the first to receive a business license to support China’s C919 large aircraft program, Eaton-SAMC was officially established and operated on June, 2011, focusing on the design, development, manufacturing and support hydraulic and fuel conveyance system. The project is carrying out steadily through the joint efforts from both Eaton and SAMC.

AVIC Electromechanical Systems Co., Ltd. is a subordinate unit under AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China), which leading 26 company and institutions, located in 9 provinces with 5 major business segments: military aviation, civil aviation, non-aviation defense, non-aviation civilian and manufacturing & service, managing scientific research, manufacturing, marketing and service etc. of AVIC electromechanical system, responsible for business operation and development of aviation electromechanic industry.