Eaton holds Infrastructure and Utility Tech Day in Beijing
To Help Develop China’s Infrastructure and Utility Construction

Date: 2013/5/31

From May 28th to 29th, 2013, Eaton held its Infrastructure and Utility Tech Day in Beijing. Integrating technologies from its Electrical, Hydraulics, Aerospace and Vehicle businesses, Eaton displayed its collection of new, innovative scientific and technical solutions for infrastructure (including transportation) and power management for utility applications, giving a boost to infrastructure construction and the transformation of energy consumption in China. Curt Hutchins, President of Eaton's Asia Pacific Region, and Joe-Tao Zhou, President of China, were both in attendance, and conversed with a number of clients, industry experts and technical delegates.

Mr. Hutchins commented during the event, “As a global leader in power management, Eaton has spared no effort in providing customers with business solutions that are safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly to help upgrade their efficient power management while improving the quality of system operations, and then to provide strong and sustainable supports to the whole society’s energy development.”

Besides showcasing its new product ranges and technical services, Eaton also held a symposium to provide in-depth analysis of its system solutions and experiences applying these solutions in the infrastructure and utility construction fields, helping local customers deepen their understanding of the global market development and current tech trends while providing foresight and an international perspective of the developmental areas most relevant to China.

It’s All Mission Critical, We’re Always on — Eaton Provides Innovative Solutions for China’s Infrastructure development

Over the last ten years, the world has watched China’s successes in constructing its economy, but the development of basic infrastructure in China has lagged behind. Increasingly severe challenges in terms of energy consumption represent a major obstacle blocking China’s continued progress towards sustainability. Since the beginning, Eaton has been concerned with Chinese infrastructural development, especially the demand for transportation construction. Eaton has noted that the infrastructure construction needs of the Chinese transportation industry have become increasingly centered on four areas: green, energy efficiency, personnel safety and operational reliability. To meet these needs, Eaton has been hammered at work providing solutions to customers in the infrastructural segment with professional support and leading products in such areas as electrical systems and cutting edge fluid power technology.

Follow the Change to Achieve Uncommon Successes — Eaton’s Safe, Effective Power manage Solutions Can Bring Both Energy-saving and Emission-reduction

Global power consumption is expected to double over the next twenty years. Not only does this represent an enormous challenge for our resources, but it will also test our ability to sustainably develop the global environment. With its broad view of international development and rich experiences in energy management from over a century of experience, Eaton has the ability to provide Chinese customers with comprehensive support for a wide range of needs as well as smart, reliable and green electrical networks. Eaton power solutions cover a range of electrical innovations, providing advanced products and system service for electrical systems in such phases as design, construction and maintain. Eaton technicians around the world are working hard to ensure the safe, effective and efficient operation of our customers’ energy systems at the standards they require, while providing targeted solutions for individual needs throughout a system’s lifecycle, creating new possibilities for the intelligent management of electrical service and systems.