Eaton Hosts Oil & Gas Tech Day to Promote Energy Efficiency and Operation Safety in China’s Oil & Gas Industry

Date: 2014/6/26

SHENYANG, CHINA …Power management company Eaton hosted its Oil & Gas Tech Day today in Dalian, Liaoning, to showcase its leading solutions integrating electrical, hydraulic and filtration technologies, focusing on the challenges of energy efficiency and personnel safety for the development of China’s oil and gas industry. 
“We see tremendous growth potential in China and we are uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive solution portfolio tailored for oil and gas applications,” said Joe-Tao Zhou, president for Eaton in China. “Eaton has more than 100years of industry leadership and expertise in the oil and gas market. By hosting this Oil & Gas Tech Day, we hope to reach out to local customers and partners to demonstrate further how Eaton can help customers with cost control, enhancement of energy efficiency, safety management and improved profitability.”
Increasing demand drives operations in a more harsh and hazardous environment with more oil and gas energies extracted in China. Eaton has long-established expertise in the oil and gas market with expanded product portfolios and solutions, which cover the upstream sectors of exploration and drilling in onshore and offshore applications and the downstream sectors of retrofitting and new construction of transportation and filtration systems. 
Supporting the theme of “De-risk by design”, the Tech Day showcased Eaton’s optimization and integration of an extensive range of products and technologies customized for China’s oil and gas industry. Eaton’s technology solutions that help customers to achieve optimized performance, lower cost of ownership, increased operational predictability and enhanced safety to protect people and operations include: 
  • Optimized performance for lower cost of ownership and reduced complexity
Eaton’s customized electrical, hydraulics and filtration solutions ensure the reliable and efficient supply of power, keeping critical systems operational and reducing downtime while making installation and maintenance easier. Eaton’s LED lighting solutions feature the world’s leading portfolio of globally certified LED luminaries applicable in extreme environments. 
Eaton’s cutting-edge LED technology which is 50 percent to 80 percent more efficient than traditional light sources, can offer lighting design audits and lighting layout support for precise, efficient and application-focused design, highlight significant upgrade in operating life, and provide years of maintenance-free operation. Light weight high-performance cable ladder solutions for offshore applications bring increased strength for high cable and environmental loads. The application of specific materials like aluminum, steel and fiberglass can save 66 percent in the costs of structural steel support and 5 percent in weight on average. 
  • Increased operational predictability
Products and solutions include motion control and positioning, control and instrumentation, fluid conveyance and management, as well as fittings, couplings and seals that feature the technologies such as active heave compensation, proportional valves (AxisPro), wireless and electronic instrumentation, and hose condition monitoring system (Life Sense). These technologies and solutions realize automated maintenance through remote monitoring and troubleshooting, reduce the manpower need in remote locations, and are durable enough for stability of operations so as to significantly increase operational predictability. 
The active heave compensation helps to address vessel motion and cable dynamics achieve more accuracy in payload position, offer reduced power consumption by leveraging expertise in hydraulic valves, allow operation in rougher seas, and reduce operating costs while increasing uptime. The Eatonite anti-corrosion laser coating can improve wear and corrosion resistance in motion compensation systems, extend the life of products and reduce costs of unplanned maintenance and equipment downtime, and provide state-of-the art protection for surfaces exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including salt spray. 
  • Safety solutions that protect people and operations
The solutions include arc-resistant switchgear, explosion-proof enclosure, safety grating and arc-resistant motor control (Power Xpert CX), and the industrial leading solutions that prevent arc flash in high-risk environments and prevent/suppress ignition of explosive gases and dust, and eliminate operator exposure, as well as the technologies that reduce environment footprint through waste water reuse, leakage prevention and position drill pipes safely and securely while dissipating thermal loads. The Power Xpert CX arc-resistant low voltage motor control and power distribution that is certified in accordance with IEC61439-1 and GB7251.1 and also arc fault tested according to IEC/TR 61641, features innovative arc-preventative design that emphasizes prevention, insulation and isolation to support safety during maintenance operations. It ensures safe operating / disconnected / test positions with reliable interlocking mechanisms. Its safe modification under energized conditions and withdrawable operation ensure the safety of operating personnel. 
Eaton is a power management company with 2013 sales of $22.0 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 101,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit