Eaton Hosts Data Center Tech Day in Beijing to Keep Powering Forward

Date: Oct.22, 2014

BEIJING, CHINA …Power management company Eaton hosted a Data Center Tech Day in Beijing today with the theme of “Keep Powering Forward”. The day showcased Eaton’s reliable and efficient end-to-end data center solutions that maximize return on investment, and also featured in-depth discussions with more than 200 experts and guests to explore development opportunities in the industrial data center market.

“Data centers, as the supporting infrastructure of the information industry, continuously face challenges in operational stability, energy consumption, risk and cost control,” said Curt Hutchins, President for Eaton in Asia-Pacific. “Leveraging our advantages in power distribution and quality, Eaton customizes end-to-end solutions to maximize return on investment, optimize efficiency and safety, and help our customers rapidly adapt to and lead the emerging trends in the data center industry.”

During the tech day, Eaton launched the 93E UPS products and accessories, 93PM solutions as well as the new highly-integrated intelligent modular data center solution, the Mofang system. This new solution is designed to meet customer requirements for small and medium-sized generator rooms. This modular data center integrates six functional modules including power, cabinet, refrigeration, power distribution, monitoring and wiring systems. They can not only become an independent small data center room, but can also be used as a medium-sized room through expanded combination. The system enables data centers to flexibly implement different sub-modules to meet varied scale and business requirements.

Eaton’s white space solutions focus on power management of IT core regions, including AMS (Air Management System), ePDU, high density cabinet and IPP/IPM intelligent power management software. It helps customers monitor and manage the reliable flow of high-quality power and airflow to their data center equipment, from rack to row to room. The tech day also featured discussions with experts and industry representatives, including those from Eaton’s Engineering Services and Data Center businesses.

Eaton also showcased power distribution solutions that included expanded intelligent products for data centers, including medium voltage switchgear ET1, medium voltage circuit breaker 12kV W-VACi,low voltage switchgear Power Xpert DX, NZM series of molded case circuit breakers, ATS dual power transfer switch, busbar, fuse and monitoring equipment.

Eaton, along with local customers and partners, also discussed new trends for the future of data centers and proposed the concept of Blue Cloud – a next generation data center power management solution. Through continuous cooperation and communication with customers, Eaton is set to further explore possibilities under the Blue Cloud concept to build up data centers with higher efficiency, intelligence and safety.

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