Eaton Launches New Products & Solutions at Data Center Technology Day in Beijing

Date: 2015/10/21

BEIJING… Power management company Eaton hosted Data Center Technology Day in Beijing today and launched a several new innovative products and solutions applicable to data centers.  More than 200 customers participated in the event and shared insights on data center development in China and discussed the key opportunities and challenges in this field with Eaton’s executives and technical engineers.
"With the proposition and implementation of the ambitious national strategies of 'Internet plus' and 'Made in China 2025', the data center industry has witnessed an unprecedented opportunity with the rapid development of the information and technology industry. However, data centers are currently confronted with various challenges such as operational stability, energy consumption, risk and cost control,” said Joe-Tao Zhou, president of Eaton China, when he delivered the opening speech at the event.
“Through rich experience in global data centers and a deep understanding of the characteristics and demand of China's data center industry, Eaton is committed to providing local customers with reliable and efficient power management products and solutions to ensure smooth business operations and help reduce operating costs and carbon emissions." he added.
Eaton boasts a long history and rich experience in the data center field around the world. China, as an emerging market in the internet field, is a pillar for Eaton’s strategic growth. At the event, Lisa Kuk, General Manager of Eaton’s Power Quality Division in China, discussed Eaton’s local strategy for its data center business in China. Eaton will continue to follow the strategy of "in China, for China" and strengthen its relationship with local customers and partners through frequent communications. Eaton also will emphasize local team building and R&D capability, and introduce more customized products and solutions for China market, she said.
Also at the event, Eaton launched a couple of products and solutions applicable to data centers, including an iCube modular data center solution, G3 ePDU, 93PR modular data center solution, "iCloud Cube" Mocro Data Center solution and new high-efficiency 93E 500KVA UPS solution.
The iCube all-in-one data center solution is designed to meet customers’ demand for small- and medium- sized data centers.  It integrates six functional modules including power, power distribution, cooling, cabinet, monitoring and cabling systems. The system enables data centers to flexibly implement different sub-modules to meet various scale and business requirements. Closed-coupled cooling together with self-contained air flow system make the system PUE optimized and operation costs reduced. This solution can be used as an integrated small data center room, and also be expanded and combined to be a medium-sized data center. 
The 93PR is Eaton's other cloud-based modular UPS solution. Developed by Eaton's global teams, the solution is a fully modularity design that is highly extensible and more spatially flexible. Integrating with Eaton's patented technologies, the solution can reduce carbon emissions and minimize lifecycle operation costs, with efficiency up to 96.5 percent under the model of double conversion and over 99 percent under the model of ESS AC direct supply. It is the ideal solution for  small- and medium- sized data centers.
Another newly launched solution of the Eaton 93 series is the 93E 500KVA UPS solution. It takes various harsh environments and extreme factors into full account in product design, and simplifies equipment installation, user operation, monitoring and maintenance to be more practical and operable, making it an ideal solution for severe environments and large data centers with high requirements for energy conservation and emission reduction.
Eaton also showcased its specific power distribution solutions and diverse supporting products for data centers, including ASN3-12 medium voltage switchgear, Edison LSN-D low voltage switchgear, EPM precision distribution cabinet, LSN-DS distribution box, etc. These products can help data center customers improve energy efficiency, extend products' working life, reduce product space and minimize infrastructure costs.
During the event, several seminars and panel discussions were conducted by Eaton’s executives and technical engineers to share its successful customer cases and explore the greatest concerns in the industry with attendees.
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