2018 Eaton China Campus Recruitment kick off

Date: 2017/10/26

2018 Eaton Campus Talk has been started in Sep and in order to attract students,  there were investment on both online promotion and campus onsite visit. Eaton has used new technology in online Campus promotion including Wechat H5 and online Campus Talk. We were using Eaton successful story to introduce 3 products and 3 employee to show cool thing about Eaton. Aligned with H5, online campus talk used the same topic and 9 employees were interviewed to show every aspect of  Eaton. There were over 3200 students watching the online campus show on Oct 20th 2017 and received positive feedback.

Onsite Campus talk will cover Harbin Institute of Technology University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and Chongqing University. There will be interview sessions also in the mid of Nov in Eaton headquarter in Shanghai. Eaton received thousands of application from students. Campus Recruitment is very important to build up the early talent pipeline for Eaton and also critical to Eaton branding among the new generation.