Making a pact with Fast Gear in China = growth
New alliance allows us to accomplish far more than we could alone

Date: 2017/12/01

A new, strategic cooperation agreement will increase communication between Eaton and Shaanxi Fast Gear – our Chinese joint venture partner in the manufacturing of clutch components for commercial vehicles. The agreement allows us to share views on global economic trends to help grow market share and improve production and cost efficiencies for our jointly-produced products in China.

Developing trust for 30 years

“We’ve been working with Fast Gear for 30 years and have developed a trusting relationship,” said Rogerio Branco, senior vice president, Supply Chain Management. “The new alliance should improve our market competitiveness, reduce costs, increase profit and allow us to grow. We look forward to working more closely with Shaanxi Fast Gear leaders, including Chairman Yan Jianbo, and exchanging views with them on markets, manufacturing, innovation and technology for our mutual benefit.”

Fast Gear is a leader in China for product research and development, manufacturing and sales of automotive driveline systems with strong capabilities in castings, forgings and machining.