Eaton Meets Evolving Needs of Sustainable Growing with New Solid Insulated SF6 Free Ring Main Unit XIRIA Plus

Date: December 17, 2012

Shanghai …Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation plc (NYSE: ETN) recently introduced XIRIA Plus, its new medium voltage Ring Main Unit (RMU) for 12kV Secondary Distribution applications. Characterized by its high level of environmental friendliness, operational safety and low cost of total ownership, XIRIA Plus is designed around Eaton's proven technologies in vacuum interrupters and solid insulation, and is fully certified to GB and DL standards for 10,000 operation cycles and is arc fault tested according to GB3906.

"By leveraging Eaton’s unsurpassed leadership and innovation in vacuum technology and long heritage in SF6-free concept using solid insulation, we continue to provide green, safe and reliable solutions for all applications in the medium voltage distribution network, in particular the Smart Grid application," Said Nagib Sayegh, APAC Marketing Director, Electrical Sector of Eaton.

Like all Eaton Medium Voltage switchgears, XIRIA Plus is designed to be an environmentally friendly product throughout its entire life cycle. Eaton achieves this by looking at the total product chain, from design to dismantling and recycling. The optimal situation is that for each phase there is no damage to the environment and at the end, all materials can be re-used again in the same product (the Cradle-to-Cradle principle).

"Known as one of the six greenhouse gases listed in the Kyoto Protocol, SF6 harmful impact on the environment has been acknowledged by various environmental agencies and governments. Measures are being taken throughout the world to ban progressively the use of SF6 wherever feasible and encourage reduction of its emissions. The launch of XIRIA Plus RMU showcases Eaton’s long term commitment to helping our customers grow with minimal footprint on our globe" Mr. Sayegh added. 

When it comes to the safety of the operating personnel, the XIRIA Plus design leaves nothing to chance and contains all the features and interlocks that guarantee the operator to work safely with the different panel types. The true status of the 3-position disconnector can be checked through inspection windows.

XIRIA Plus is featured with user-friendly operational interface and integrated solutions for sensing, monitoring and remote control for feeder automation and load management purposes.
The possibility to accommodate up to 6 functions in one tank in any configuration and extend beyond 6 functions make XIRIA Plus the most flexible RMU in the market. The sealed for life tank allows a compact design to minimize floor space without compromising high performances.

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