Soft Starter S801+/S811+

The Eaton S811+/S801+ soft starter family delivers solid performance beyond standard protection features found in most soft starters, and with its compact design, the S811+/S801+ units can help reduce enclosure size, enable easier retrofits and hence minimize the system costs.

The S811+ line of soft starters is ideally suited for open, enclosed and motor control center applications. Ranging from 11A to 1000A, the S811+ line provides an array of built-in features designed to address the needs of industrial and OEM customers. It has an easy to use Digital Interface Module (DIM) that allows the user to configure the device and to read system parameters and monitor system values.

The S801+ line of soft starters is designed to be the smallest in size, multifunctional, easy to install and program. It is suitable to work with all motors from fractional horsepower up to motors requiring 1000A of steady-state current. The integration of built-in overload (ranging from 12–1000A) and by-pass contactor makes installation and setup quick and easy.