Distribution Automation Terminals

DAT series distribution automation terminals can monitor and control a wide range of compact substation/ring main units (RMU), pole top and pad mount distribution switches,transformations,and capacitors etc.DAT series distribution automation terminal is designed for distribution automation and distribution grid transformation in both urban and rural areas.DAT series distribution automation terminal is categorized into two major models according to the related switches,FXD620-F Feeder Terminal Unit (FTU) and FXD620-D Distribution Terminal Unit (DTU).

FXD620-F Feeder terminal unit
It is Feeder RTU of Automated Load Break Switch or Auto-Recloser for Distribution Automation.Distribution automation has been vigorously adopted for rapid fault identification/restoration,remote/automatic operation of power distribution networks,and eventually operation cost-down of distribution system.

  • FXD620-F31 is the FTU for Auto-Recloser.
  • FXD620-F32 is the FTU for Load Break Switch.

FXD620-D Distribution terminal unit
It is Field RTU with high performance attributes combining IO support,advanced PLC function support and wide range of protocols. With it modular design,FXD620-D is suited for a wide range of application including ring main units,compact substation, distribution transformers,etc.asset with advanced functionalities to enable monitor,local control and remote management,helping utilities achieve voltage optimization,quick fault detection,fault isolation, and prompt service restoration.
FXD620-D is divided into compact and modular RTU:

  • FXD620-17 compact RTU is the RMU controller integrated in RMU.
  • FXD620-D30 modular RTU is the separate RTU cubicle with all necessary modules in one chassis.