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PRO Distributed Computer Control & Monitoring System (DCCMS)

The PRO Distributed Computer Control and Monitoring System (DCCMS) is designed to meet a wide range of airfield lighting control and monitoring requirements. The advanced distributed architecture, enabled by the Digitrac control and monitoring module, ensures reliable operation and greatly simplifies installation and maintenance. 

Certifications and compliances

  • FAA AC 150/5345-56 Current Edition: L-890
  • ICAO Annex 14, Vol. 1, Para. 8.3
  • Transport Canada Aerodrome Standards

Design features

  • Network links the control tower, operations, sub-stations, maintenance
  • Fast and reliable data transmission (2 independent communication networks)
  • Fail-safe design assures elements continue operation at preset levels
  • Scalable design manages virtually unlimited number of elements 
  • User-friendly system fit specific needs and can be easily modified
  • Security interlocks provide safe/secure user access and capabilities
  • Real time and historical reporting for maintenance and operations 
  • Meets lighting control requirements for airports of any size
  • Controls/monitors advanced requirements (stop bars, guard light, etc.)

DCCMS Elements

DIGITRAC - One of the key elements of the DCCMS is the Digitrac.  The Digitrac enables the advanced distributed architecture of the DCCMS.  Each element controlled by the DCCMS (CCR, selector switch, ATS, generator, beacon, etc.) has a Digitrac.  The unit is a microprocessor-based module that includes all communication, command, monitoring, input/output, and fail-safe functions.  The Digitrac operates the controllable elements according to the air traffic controllers' commands and transfers the status of these elements back to the controllers and to the operations and maintenance.  The Digitrac is installed on or near the controllable elements and is connected to the DCCMS redundant communication network via quick connectors.

LOGRITRAC - The Logitrac is mainly used for Surface Movement Guidance Control Systems applications (SMGCS).  The Logitrac system enables the DCCMS to control and monitor each individual lamp and sensor on the runway/taxiway without changing the airport infrastructure. This technology uses the existing airfield cables as a communication network. The Logitrac units can be supplied as stand-alone configurations, or as part of the DCCMS.

MEGATRAC - The Megatrac is an automatic unit that performs insulation resistance tests on an airfield lighting circuit.  This unit responds to unexpected failures of airport lighting cables, which slow down airport operations and demand extensive efforts by the maintenance and operations staff. The Megatrac units can be supplied as a stand-alone configuration, or as part of the DCCMS.

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