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Inrush peak current limiter for LED lighting

The PCL16A inrush peak current limiter is a device that safeguards against excessive inrush currents that would otherwise trip the circuit breaker causing potential damage to the switching devices.

Enabling the installation of more luminaires on existing circuit breakers reducing the overall installation costs.

The short-term inrush current of some modern LED drivers can be significantly higher than that of conventional high-frequency control gear. This can cause problems with nuisance tripping within the circuit protection (MCBs) and can damage devices used to control/switch the lighting load. Therefore it is important that the electrical circuit design is appropriate for the luminaires and the circuit has the required electrical protection. 

Add more luminaires per circuit breaker
No overrating required to control the high inrush load
Available with up to three units pre-fitted

Easy to install

The Inrush Limiter can be easily installed as part of the final distribution components, it is simply connected between the supply circuit breaker and the load (i.e. luminaire circuit). It protects the circuit from inductive and capacitive loads. Rated at 16A for continuous operation, it allows a circuit to be loaded to 16A with inrush surges then managed by the device.

Want to know the maximum number of luminaires to put on each circuit?

Our recommendation for the selection of the maximum number of luminaires which can be connected to different circuit breaker types are available on request. It should be noted that although figures are listed for type B and C breakers, we would recommend that type C breakers are used.

Supplied with pre-fitted remote enclosure for simple mounting

The PCL16A device is available as an individual Din-rail mount component or with up to 3 supplied pre-fitted into a remote enclosure to further simplify installation. The inrush limiter also arrives with surface mount screw holes and DIN-rail mounting feature to support with minimising installation costs and time requirements.

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